FSB Bautechnik has engineering knowledge that it is pleased to provide for the good of the customers and partners.

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Structural engineering consultation

Rehabilitation with SpectraShield is a standardised process, but even here there are always technical challenges.

The project circumstances are not always the same. FSB Bautechnik helps its customer groups with analysis and evaluation. Thereby, FSB works hand in hand with the consulting engineer. They don't want to replace their expertise but rather if desired, supplement it for the good of the client.

Training and education

Coating with SpectraShield is a complex manual service that must be learnt. Apart from adherence to the work safety measures, such as protective clothing and respiratory protection, it is necessary to apply the individual layers with a precise fit and thickness.

The relevant employees learn this from specialist trainers from the licensor in intensive training courses. These deal with machine technology, maintenance and material characteristics, but above all the practical steps of a successful rehabilitation. Namely the cleaning and preparation of the structure, the implementation of repair and sealing measures and finally the three layer coating including labelling with the SpectraShield quality seal and completion of documentation.

Quality assurance system

Precise documentation of conducted works is an elementary component of the SpectraShield systems. The precise use of the system and the individual steps of the rehabilitation including photo documentation will be documented. In addition a range of check lists and forms must be filled in. Everything should be traceable and not left to chance. The individual construction measures are inspected by our own or an assigned expert. Apart from the material and the application technology, this quality assurance system is significantly responsible for the fact that SpectraShield has been used successfully worldwide for more than 20 years.