SpectraShield – patents and permits


There are several US patents for SpectraShield, and a European patent and its authorisation for Germany through its duplication by the German patent and trademark office.

  • US patent No. 5,518,616 / 6,706,384 / 7,279,196
  • EU patent No. EP 0726 846 / EP 1 272 342 B1
  • German patent No. DE 69 433 479 T2 / DE 60 133 183 T2
  • And further patents in Austria, Australia, Spain, Canada
DIBt geprüft

SpectraShield has an approval certificate from the Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt).

Also interesting is this inspection report by the University of Houston/Texas, which attests that the SpectraShield System has particular resistance to the problem of biogenic sulphuric acid in the sewerage system.