As a licensed specialist you improve your market position

Spray on moisture block
Spray on moisture block
High pressure water jet system
Falch aqua Speed 1100w
High pressure water jet system Image: Falch

If you are a quality conscious specialist, you significantly improve your market position with the SpectraShield System. Because as a licensed system integrator you work with a leading technology. And this means higher efficiency, better cost effectiveness and guaranteed sustainability for your clients. In this way you can achieve an excellent competitive position for rehabilitation projects for communities, municipal utilities and other commercial and private clients in your area of market responsibility.

Become a licensed system integrator

Are you interested in a licence as a partner operation? Then you are invited to contact FSB Bautechnik! Here you will find everything about the new technology and the conditions of collaboration. In this way you can reposition yourself in your market as a SpectraShield processor. FSB Bautechnik monitors the system all over Europe and also helps you with quality assurance, engineering and support.

The requirements for a partnership are that you train one or more employees thoroughly at FSB Bautechnik, for the use of SpectraShield systems (completion certificate) and that you invest in the necessary investment technology (purchase or rental offer).

Graco H-XP2
Graco H-XP2
(Hydraulic Coatings Proportioners) Image: Graco
Graco H-25
Graco H-25
(Hydraulic Foam Proportioners) Image: Graco
Graco E-10
Graco Reactor E-10
(Electric Foam and Polyurea Proportioner) Image: Graco

Your tangible advantages

  • "Indestructible" multiple patented material
  • DIBt-permit
  • Sustainability of your rehabilitation measures
  • Market positioning as a SpectraShield System integrator
  • Quality assurance by FSB Bautechnik
  • Training of your employees by FSB Bautechnik
  • Development of new, more satisfied customers
  • Pole position in the rehabilitation market due to quality, cost effectiveness and sustainability