Future oriented repair of sewerage systems

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No matter whether as a decision maker you are responsible for public or private sewerage systems, SpectraShield is the right answer to the question of how you can repair it cost effectively and sustainably. Communities or municipal utilities have a particularly vital interest in maintaining these underground assets for the future, and to efficiently and sustainably eliminate damages. Because only with a functioning sewerage system will the ground and ground water be protected against contamination, the strain on filter basins and sewers caused by penetrating ground water be avoided, and sewer flooding be stopped.

How you can benefit from SpectraShield

Do you want to find out more about rehabilitation with the SpectraShield System as a client? Then use these possibilities:

FSB Bautechnik

Here you can find everything about the process and licensed specialist operators that process SpectraShield. FSB Bautechnik is the distributor for SpectraShield in Europe and ensures quality assurance, engineering and support. Contact us directly.

Licensed specialist operators

Or you can contact a specialist operator licensed by FSB Bautechnik near you. They will be happy to advise you, submit a professional quote and carry out the works with employees specially trained for SpectraShield and certified equipment. FSB Bautechnik and their licensed specialist operations are responsible for the quality assurance. External supervision by independent experts rounds off the holistic quality assurance system.

Your tangible advantages

  • FSB licensed specialist operators with specially trained personnel
  • Quality assurance by FSB Bautechnik
  • Sustainability of your rehabilitation
  • Indestructible material with DIBt permit and patent
  • Cost effectiveness of your investment
  • Long term value retention of your waste water system