Rehabilitate with leading technology

As an engineer you regularly take on important advisory tasks with rehabilitation measures in the waste water sewerage. Therefore, you have a justified interest in making sure that the necessary measures are carried out with the most advanced technology, in a future proof and sustainable manner. The SpectraShield System will help you to do this. Because it gets you to your goal quickly and easily. The advantages are obvious: the most advanced technology, the shortest processing time and absolute sustainability. Because the durability of the DIBt authorised and patent protected multi layer polymer system is estimated at around 100 years.

How you benefit from SpectraShield

Do you want to know more about sewer or manhole rehabilitation with the SpectraShield System as an engineer? Then you are invited to contact FSB Bautechnik! Here you can find out everything about the process and licensed specialist operators that process SpectraShield. FSB Bautechnik is the distributor for SpectraShield in Europe and ensures quality assurance, engineering and support.

Your tangible advantages

  • FSB licensed specialist operators with specially trained personnel
  • Quality assurance by FSB Bautechnik
  • Sustainability of your work
  • "Indestructible" multiple patented material
  • DIBt-permit
  • Even better standing with clients
  • Significant productivity advantages with supervised construction projects
  • Avoid later complaints
  • Engineer service with future technology