How SpectraShield works

The four stage process of the SpectraShield multi layer polymer system is the perfect solution for problems such as corrosion, infiltration, exfiltration, lack of mortar joints and exposed reinforcement.

1. Preparation


High-pressure water blasting free the surface of the structure from dirt and accumulated materials to prepare it for the coating process.

2. Moisture block

Moisture block

Modified hybrid polyurea is a moisture block and an adhesion primer at the same time, and forms an extremely robust surface as an inside-layer.

3. Filling layer

Filling layer

Gas-proof polyurethane foam fills all surface defects, eroded areas, cavities, pores, and joints and reprofiles the original surface.

4. Protective layer

Protective layer

The top-coat of modified polyurea forms the sustainable surface protection including unique resistance against chemical influences, temperatures, and mechanical stress.

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