Various Rehabilitation Methods

Rehabilitation methods in comparison
Rehabilitation methods in comparison
Spray on moisture block
Spray on moisture block

When carrying out rehabilitation measures you are spoilt for choice. The most elaborate way is renewal in an open structure. Apart from that there are primarily three possibilities for the closed rehabilitation of waste water structures:

1. Mineral rehabilitation

Damaged manholes are coated with acid resistant mortar and completely rehabilitated. The average durability is around five to a max. 15 years. The rehabilitation duration is up to 3 days*.

2. GFK lining

Resin soaked glass fibre / needle felt mats are applied to the areas to be rehabilitated and hardened. The durability of this by far the most expensive procedure is good. The rehabilitation duration is approx. one day*.

3. Rehabilitation with SpectraShield

The leading technological polyurea coating system is applied in a spraying process. It gains points with clear advantages of processing time and sustainability. 100 years of durability in three hours rehabilitation duration* is simply impressive. The material is also extremely robust.

* = Time period until a rehabilitated standard revision manhole (2.5 m deep and 1 m diameter) is completely usable again.

The way how SpectraShield works